Benefits of BIM

BIM is a major component of our future in the design and construction industry. At Skanska, we have readily embraced this dynamic tool, always striving to improve our overall delivery process.

Kendall prefab rack BIM
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New Karolinska Solna Sweden BIM
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Skanska brings you the combined experience of our operations from around the world, committed to achieving our clients' goals with the most creative and efficient means.

Based on our vast experience, BIM is capable of positively impacting all phases of a project life-cycle. BIM significantly enhances the project team's ability to collaborate and use other innovative tools, from prefabrication to virtual models in the field.

  • The design can be easily understood and reviewed to help guarantee its accuracy and completeness. 
  • Alternatives can be visualized and evaluated in terms of cost and other project parameters.
  • Sustainability analyses can be performed and different kinds of quantity calculations of spaces and materials can be performed. 
  • The models can represent the completed project and be integrated with all of the operation and maintenance material required of the project and delivered to the owners as part of their facility management strategy.

The purpose of these activities is to be able to offer better solutions, quality and service to our clients and stakeholders.