BIM projects

Skanska has implemented BIM on many types of projects including buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels and industrial plants. As a result, we have realized a variety of benefits such as improved communication amongst project stakeholders, enhanced efficiencies, greater certainty for both schedule and cost conformance and the reduction of risk.

Skanska recognizes that BIM affords us the opportunity to deliver a higher quality product in the most efficient manner to our clients. Below are a number of project case study excerpts from our  brochure.

Healthcare building project in Solna, Sweden

Healthcare building project in Puyallup, Washington, USA

Xổ số tuần trướcHealthcare building project in London, United Kingdom.

Xổ số tuần trướcRetail and residential building project in Trondheim, Norway

Higher education building project in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Xổ số tuần trướcCommercial development project in Helsinki, Finland. 

Xổ số tuần trướcResidential building project in Gävle, Sweden

Civil project in London, United Kingdom

Civil project between Rusocin and Czerniewice, Poland

Crusell’s Bridge

Xổ số tuần trướcCivil project in Helsinki, Finland

Xổ số tuần trướcCivil project in Brawley, California, USA. 

Xổ số tuần trướcIndustrial Project in Westchester County, New York, USA

Industrial Project in South Jordan, Utah, USA