Headquarters responsibilities

Skanska's headquarters consists of the Group Leadership Team and supporting functions. In our decentralized company, the headquarters sets the direction for the business units to achieve.

The Skanska Group headquarters, based in Stockholm, Sweden, defines what our 12 business units should achieve, and those units then work within that framework and our values to deliver on the established targets through serving our customers.

The headquarters – led by our six-member management, called the Group Leadership Team – has four key responsibilities:

  • Formulating Group strategy and policies
  • Assuring compliance with those policies
  • Ensuring effective financial capacity and control
  • Setting and following up on targets

Core Corporate Functions

The headquarters structure consists of four Core Corporate Functions, each overseen by a member of the Group Leadership Team:

  1. Finance overseen by EVP Magnus Persson
  2. Legal overseen by EVP Caroline Fellenius-Omnell
  3. Human Resources overseen by EVP Kirsi Mettälä
  4. Communications overseen by EVP Anders Danielsson

Group Functions

Xổ số tuần trướcWithin the Core Corporate Functions, there are eight Group Functions: Management Reporting and Accounting, Financial Support and Analysis, Skanska Financial Services, Information Technology, Investor Relations, Internal Audit and Compliance, Assurance and Control, and Sustainability.

Supporting function leadership

Xổ số tuần trướcHeadquarters Senior Vice Presidents leading Group Functions or Core Corporate Functions as shown in the table. The Senior Vice President of Internal Audit and Compliance reports directly to the Board of Directors via its Audit Committee.


Senior Vice Presidents
Management Reporting and Accounting Katarina Bylund
Financial Support and Analysis Caroline Walméus
Skanska Financial Services Therese Tegner
Information Technology Izabela Surmacz
Investor Relations André Löfgren
Internal Audit and Compliance Anders Göransson
Assurance and Control Mark Lemon
Sustainability Lena Hök
Communications Karolina Cederhage

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