Our Business Plan 2016-2020, Profit with Purpose, outlines the strategic direction that will take Skanska to the next level. The aim is to increase shareholder value while working toward a more sustainable future for employees, customers and communities. This is how Skanska creates Profit with Purpose. 

Generating value for shareholders

Xổ số tuần trướcWe must create shareholder value in a responsible way and contribute to society at large. Given the business we are in and our size of our operations, we can have a considerable and positive impact on society as part of our profitable business. It is not about doing one or the other; it is about doing both at the same time. Profit is needed to deliver on Purpose; and a strong Purpose will contribute to our Profit.

Xổ số tuần trướcGenerating value for shareholders and delivering an industry-leading total return to the shareholders will continue to be Skanska's stated aim. A strong focus on profitability is combined with controlled growth. This will result in a stable, long-term earnings trend and provide the cash flow necessary for an attractive dividend.

To achieve this, there will be a greater focus on:

  • Great People: To remain successful we need to offer a place to work with dedicated colleagues in an open and high-performance culture with sound values. A company that fosters collaboration and development, an organization where very employee has a strong passion to deliver results and contribute to Profit with Purpose.
  • Market Making: We will strive to engage in a structured and enhanced long-term collaboration with our customers, as well as our suppliers and subcontractors. A collaboration based on a close dialog, common vision and trust.
  • Operational Excellence: Continuous improvement is required if we are to strengthen our results and operations efficiency. This is true in all parts of the process - from risk assessment and tendering to planning and execution. Increased digitalization and automation as well as a careful review of resource consumption are important aspects of reducing implementation costs.

Our aspirations for 2020

  • Industry-leading total shareholder return
  • Balanced value creation between Construction and Project Development
  • Recognized as a preferred partner when it comes to creating solutions that meet customers' needs
  • Living our values and recognized as a value-driven company building for a better society
  • An injury-free and ethical environment
  • The most attractive employer in our industry
  • Cooperation within and between units and business streams as One Skanska in high-performing teams
  • Improved operational efficiency