Business model

Xổ số tuần trướcSkanska generates value through the thousands of projects executed each year, in line with Skanska’s ambition to deliver an industry-leading total shareholder return. The scale and diversity of the Group’s operations produce operational and financial synergies that create further value.

Our goal

Projects are the hub of Skanska's operations. The goal is for every project to be profitable while being carried out in line with our purpose and values and our targets.

Our operations

Skanska operates in three business streams:

  1.  Construction
  2.  Residential Development
  3.  Commercial Property Development 

Skanska's business model

Synergies provide competitive advantages

Xổ số tuần trướcThese operational and financial synergies strengthen Skanska’s ability to deliver for customers and enhance opportunities for generating greater value. This type of collaborations improves the ability to create innovative solutions, to maximize market opportunities, to improve cost control, to strengthen the Group’s financial position and to enhance returns.

Operational and financial synergies

Operational synergies are primarily generated through the local, specialized expertise contained in the business units. Units in the same business stream often collaborate to leverage resources and capabilities, and to share best practices.

Xổ số tuần trướcIn addition, development projects bring together construction and project development units at an early stage, which reinforces a strong customer focus while optimizing use of the Group’s collective technical and financial resources. Skanska’s Construction business stream does not tie up capital as it operates with free working capital. The free working capital combined with profits generated bythe Group, along with the Group’s ability to leverage its balance sheet to borrow money, enable the financing of project development, which generates a return on invested capital. These investments also create new contracts for the Construction stream, generating further profits.